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Create a Bathroom Spa in Your Home in Southern Virginia

Are You Looking to Transform Your Bathroom? Start Now

Are you thinking about how to create a bathroom spa in your home? You may daydream about a clawfoot tub or large walk-in shower. Maybe you want to add more cabinets to store fluffy towels and toiletries. What if we told you that this is a possibility for your home in Southern Virginia?

This month we’re going to discuss some small bathroom remodeling options to give you that at-home spa. You may be amazed at the small changes that could totally transform your space. Adding more space to your bathroom with a total gut job is possible, too. The right contractor will be happy to work with your budget to get you the best results.


Small Changes Can Make Big Differences

Before we get into the big changes you can make to your bathroom, consider small steps that make an impact. The Spruce recommends changing hardware on cabinets, faucets, and other fixtures into higher-end styles. Gold, black, or bronze fixtures may give a more sleek and “expensive” look compared to standard stainless steel.

Adding new cabinets for storage can also make a big difference. If your current bathroom is cluttered and doesn’t have much organization, you may agree. Putting in built-in cabinets can allow you to store towels, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and more, adding better organization. You may also swap those cluttered countertop objects for plants or artwork for added flair. Now when you’re soaking in the tub you’ll see your favorite images, not piles of towels or toilet paper.

Swapping out your shower head is another way to add a quick, relaxing update. Rain shower heads or adjustable shower heads are great additions to any shower. Close your eyes and imagine you’re on a beach vacation every time you get in. We can even add a seat in the shower for added convenience.


Update Wall Color and Flooring for a Calming Atmosphere

Adding new flooring can also make a big statement to your bathroom. Old flooring can pull up, bubble, or just look drab. Updating flooring can make the bathroom appear cleaner and give it that spa-like feel. You may even consider adding heated floors to keep your feet warm on chilly winter days. Bathroom rugs can add pops of color, making your bathroom reminiscent of those in magazines.

Along with flooring, remember to refresh your walls with a new coat of paint. Choosing whites, tans, or soft colors can help to make a calming atmosphere. Be sure to use moisture-resistant paint for long-lasting results.


Install a Walk-in Shower or Bathtub

We’ve briefly mentioned walk-in showers, but they are a common sight in local homes. Walk-in showers are great for older homeowners or those who do not have a lot of space for a bathtub. With an added seat, they can still give the feeling of a spa-like experience. The right shower head and quality tile pattern will make you feel like you’re on vacation.

If you prefer a bathtub, Southern VA Construction can still help. We can install beautiful bathtubs that are built-in or stand alone, like clawfoot tubs. Find bathtubs with jets or other features for an authentic spa experience every time you use it.


Adding New Plumbing Fixtures Will Make a Difference

Along with the small changes, new plumbing fixtures and appliances can make a huge difference. As we mentioned above, bathtubs and showers can do wonders for your space. Remove your old, stained bathtub and swap it with a clawfoot model. Or remove the bathtub and create a walk-in shower with adequate seating. Both options can give your bathroom a modern look while giving you the opportunity for relaxation.

Another step to create a bathroom spa is updating your toilet. You may not pay much mind to the look of your toilet, as long as it’s serving its purpose. Upgrading to a newer model can add a sleek look to your space. Opting for something like a bidet is another way to bring that spa or relaxing getaway atmosphere to your bathroom.

The contractors of Southern VA Construction can make these bathroom remodeling ideas happen. Allow our team to remove old, dated bathtubs, showers, flooring, and more to provide necessary updates to your home. We know you will love the end result.


Expand the Size of Your Bathroom for Added Convenience

If you are tired of having a small, cramped bathroom, there’s an easy way to amend this. Consider adding extra space to your bathroom to better accommodate your household. All homeowners deserve a space to get away from it all. Why not make that space an at-home spa in your own bathroom?

Southern VA Construction can add on to your bathroom to expand its size. Adding a few extra feet can better fit new cabinetry, a larger bathtub, or just give needed space. We can also build additional bathrooms to better suit your home. Our goal is to make your bathroom a place to escape to after a long day. Let us help you make this happen.


Add New Lighting Fixtures to the Bathroom

Another easy way to create a bathroom spa is to adjust your lighting. Does your bathroom have bright fluorescent lighting? Or is it dim and difficult to see? Consider adding dimmable lighting or upgrade lighting fixtures to change the atmosphere.


Choose Southern VA Construction to Create a Bathroom Spa

Are you ready to create your dream at-home spa in the Southern Virginia area? Reach out to Southern VA Construction in Glen Hill, VA. We will be happy to discuss your bathroom remodeling ideas to create a bathroom spa. Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home. Why not enjoy the time spent in there? Once our contractors are finished, you may not want to leave it.

Call us today to learn more about our home improvement and commercial remodeling services. We will be happy to provide estimates and additional information on our services.


Is it time to start new home improvement projects? Southern VA Construction in Glen Hill, VA, at (540) 576-3846 or follow us on Facebook for updates. Let our contractors help you create a bathroom spa.