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Create the Best Addition for Your Home in Glade Hill, VA

Southern VA Construction Makes Retreats, Play Areas, and More!


Are You Looking to Add on To Your Home?

Are you looking for ways to create the best addition for your home in Glade Hill, VA? Additions can add much needed space to any property. Whether your family is growing, or your home doesn’t have enough space for storage or other things, an addition can help.

This month we’re going to explore a few of the types of additions that could benefit your home. No matter where you are in Southern Virginia, we could all use more space. Finding the right contractor to get the job done right is half the battle. You need a contractor who will listen to any concerns and needs and bring your vision to life. The best way to do this is to know what you’re looking for before beginning construction.


Consider Building an Addition for an At-Home Retreat

Imagine this: You’ve come home from a long, tiring day at work. You kick off your shoes and head where? Maybe you sit on the couch, or head to your bedroom to relax. What could make this better? Having your own at-home retreat.

Adding an addition to your home could make this happen. Imagine a new sunroom, or maybe a den with lowlighting and comfortable furniture. You have control over how large or small the addition may be. As we mentioned above, try to envision what you want to fit in before construction. If you want a large sectional, television, and exterior doors, the addition will have to be fairly large.

If you want to add on a new space with a bathroom or kitchenette, consider this ahead of time, too. The addition may need to be larger or at a different spot on the property to accommodate plumbing. This new space can allow you to have a quiet escape when you need it most. Your contractor will want to make sure it’s perfect.


Added Play Areas and Entertainment Spaces for Kids and Friends

Another common reason to add an addition is for children, pets, and friends to have a space to hang out. Instead of sending the kids to their rooms to play, imagine having a large space for all to enjoy. We’ve said it once but we’ll say it again, you’re in control of what the space can be. The right contractor can add the right built-in cabinets, tables, or other accessories for your kids to enjoy. This space could be great for evenings of homework, playing, or having guests over. Parents may even enjoy the few moments of quiet while their children are spending time in the new addition.


Your kids don’t have to be the only ones who enjoy this space, though. Depending on your style, an addition can be a great added entertainment space. Maybe you have a beautiful patio or yard space, but what happens during weather or the winter months? Having an addition can add a comfortable space to entertain without feeling crammed.


An Addition Could Turn Into a Perfect Home Office

With additions, the possibilities are truly endless. Many local homeowners have found that business has shifted to remote over the last year. Instead of sharing the living room with the family during important meetings, add an addition to your home. This space can double as your retreat as you can have peace and quiet while working.

Business Insider interviewed a few remote employees in 2019. They found that some people struggle with home distractions during work hours. Adding this work-only home office space could help you to be in a distraction-free zone. Consider the benefits of sound proofing, separate entrances, and more. Southern VA Construction will be happy to discuss your addition options for a home office.


Simultaneously Add Value to Your Home with an Addition

One thing that may have stopped you from an addition is the possibility of moving. Why put the time, effort, and money into something you may only use for a few years? Our contractors completely understand these concerns. But did you know that adding an addition could help with resale value?

Different types of additions will have different value. HomeAdvisor found that the addition with the largest added value us a two-story addition. These additions, with a master bedroom and living area included, can bring in a 65 percent return on investment.

Speak with a contractor at Southern VA Construction to see learn more about adding value with an addition. We will be happy to discuss your options.


What Kind of Addition Will You Choose?

Like all home improvement projects, creating the best addition for your home can be a challenge. When your hear the possibilities, like an at-home retreat, a play area, or a home office, you may get excited. How could you possibly pick just one? Well, with the right idea, contractor, and budget, you can essentially have all three.

Southern VA Construction works with property owners across the region. We have created all types of additions, like multi-story units to master bedrooms and those at-home retreats we mentioned. No matter your idea, our team can bring it to life.


Southern VA Construction Can Create the Best Addition for Your Home

When it comes to building the perfect addition for your home in Glade Hill, VA, choose Southern VA Construction. We work across the Southern Virginia region to expand homes and help to better fit your family. Whether you want to create an at-home retreat, a new play area for kids, or other options, we can help. Reach out today to learn more about our many home improvement services or for a estimate. We also offer commercial services.


Is it time to start new home improvement projects? Southern VA Construction in Glade Hill, VA, at (540) 576-3846 or follow us on Facebook for updates. Let our contractors help you create the best addition for your home.