Finished Basements in Roanoke, VA

Southern VA Construction Finishes Basements with Ease

For finished basements in Roanoke VA and surrounding areas, Southern VA Construction offers quality results. Do you have a basement in Franklin County, VA, that was not finished during construction? Southern VA Construction can turn the unused area underneath your home into a superior finished basement. If you are considering making this a DIY project in the Roanoke, VA, area, we suggest turning to us instead, as we have the qualifications to do the job with ease. Our finished basement experts have the experience and knowledge to carry out your goals for the space. Give us a call at (570) 576-3846 for an estimate on the project.


Southern VA Construction Can Transform Basements Into:

  • Simple Basement
  • Game Room
  • Office
  • Lounge
  • Workout Room
  • Family Room
  • Living Room
  • Guest Room
  • Man Cave
  • Bar
  • Storage Room

There are Many Ways to Use Your New Finished Basement

There are many ways you could go in terms of how you could use a basement area in Salem, VA. You could turn it into a simple basement with plenty of storage, but it could also become a game room, office, lounge, man cave, or something else. Southern VA Construction will work with you to carry out every detail you envision. We create finished basements with our quality craftsmanship, materials, and knowledge of the industry.

We Decrease the Finished Basement Stress and Confusion

When you are deciding what kind of finished basement you want, it can be stressful and confusing. At Southern VA Construction, our goal is to decrease the stress and confusion with the help of our understanding and friendly staff. We communicate with our clients about any problems that arise, suggestions, and the status of the project. We want everyone to be happy with their choice of Southern VA Construction for their finished basement project.

Contact us when you want an estimate on a finished basement project.