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Holiday Electric Safety Tips

Safety is Critical When Working with Electricity Around the Holidays

Following holiday electric safety tips can make decorating go much smoother. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that fire departments respond to 160 home fires with Christmas trees per year. In the midst of all the decorating fun, it’s also important to practice personal safety. Here at Southern VA Construction, we are proud to provide residents of Glade Hill, VA, and beyond with safety tips.

Our team is here to explain holiday electric safety tips. This month, Southern VA Construction will talk about how to handle certain power-run decorations. Next, we will offer some protection measures to take. Residents in and around Glade Hill, VA, trust our team for all their home improvement needs. Electricity is no exception. Follow along to learn some holiday electric safety tips.


Follow These Guidelines When Decorating with Electrical Items

Everyone wants their holidays to be merry, bright, and, most importantly, safe. Amidst the fun and merriment of the season, the risk of accidents can increase. Keep you and your family safe by following these guidelines for decorating with power-run items:



Use battery-operated candles instead of real ones. Do not leave real candles unattended with children or animals.


Keep your tree well hydrated, and make sure it’s not touching an outlet. If you’re using an artificial tree, make sure it has a “fire resistant” label.


Do not string more than three strands of lights together at one location. Plug outdoor lights into a GFCI outlet.

Cords and Wires

Do not place lights underneath furniture where they could get hot or pinched. Take the time to inspect each cord for damage.


Consider purchasing LED bulbs. They last longer, create less heat and offer more efficiency.

Turn Off Decorations

Before going to bed, please make sure to turn off all indoor and outdoor decorations. The last thing anyone needs on top of all the shopping is a higher electric bill.


Being Conscious of Safety Can Make Your Holiday Season Even Better

Everyone loves decorating their Glade Hill, VA, home for the holidays. It can be a family tradition for some, and for others, it can bring the excitement of the season ahead. Amidst the fun and joy of the season, safety is critical. Here are holiday electrical protection tips to make your decorating experience much more relaxing:


Inspect Everything

It’s essential to inspect any electrical decorations before using them. Look closely for broken bulbs, plugs, or sockets. It’s also vital to check any extension cord that you use to power up decorations. After being in storage for a year, decorations can deteriorate slightly.

Don’t Overload Outlets

Overloading electrical outlets is one of the most dangerous mistakes Glade Hill, VA, residents make when decorating. Please make sure only to plug one high-wattage decoration into each outlet. Using extension cords or power strips can add another level of safety to your electric current.

Stay Clear Around Heat Sources

Ensure that you keep all combustible materials at least three feet away from a burning fireplace or space heater. Leaving these materials too close to a heat source can cause many fires.

Protect Electric Cords

Make sure to keep all electric cords away from damage. The best way to do this is to place them where furniture or the vacuum can’t hinder them. It’s also essential to keep the cords away from closed doors or windows.

Make Sure to Use Certified Decorations

Prior to installing your decorations, look for the UL tag for Underwriters Laboratories label. This tag will tell you that an independent testing laboratory inspected your decoration. If you cannot find this or any other tags of other independent labs, don’t use them. Decorations not including these tags could be hazardous.


Here’s a Bonus Tip

If you have any questions, concerns about safely installing electric holiday decorations, please consult a professional. When you reach out for help, you want someone with experience. Holiday lighting and decorations look great in a new home addition. Our team here at Southern VA Construction can help your home in Glade Hill, VA, and surrounding areas look great.


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