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Make the Switch to Energy-Saving Windows

Reap the Rewards of Replacement Windows

Have you considered making the switch to more energy-saving windows? Last month, we covered ways to lower your heat bill. We touched on the importance of good windows and how they can cause your system to be less efficient. This time, we’re going to explain just how important these windows are to your home or business for more than just heating costs.

When is the last time you replaced your windows? As windows age, they can become less efficient and can weaken over time. The frame can also weaken, decreasing stability and even safety. If you’re considering replacement windows, there are a few different things to keep in mind. Today, we’re going to go over the basics and help you to determine if new, energy-saving windows are necessary.


What to Look for When Choosing New Energy-Saving Windows

When choosing new energy-saving windows, there are a few things to look for to make sure they fit your needs. One of the biggest things is to look for the “Energy Star” label on the window. According to its website, switching to Energy Star windows can lower energy bills by 12 percent. If high energy bills are something that you struggle with, consider making this switch.

Another thing to look for when getting new windows is to check the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) rating. This rating lets you know how different windows compare to other similar styles. Their guide indicates that U-Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, and Air Leakage ratings should be low, while the Visible Transmittance rating should be high. Not sure what rating will work best in your home or business? Talk to the contractors at Southern VA Construction. We can help you to better understand the many options and what will give the best results.


Noise Reduction and Safety Considerations

One thing that many home and business owners may not consider is how much noise windows can let in. If you live or work in a busy neighborhood, it can be hard to tune out chatter, pedestrians, passing vehicles, and other noise. As Bob Vila mentions, new windows can block out unwanted sounds and help to keep your space quiet.

Another thing to consider with new windows is safety. Damaged frames and loose window panes can easily allow intruders in or can break or fall. Cracks in glass can also worsen over time, making the window a threat to safety. Instead of taping cracks or ignoring any damage, consider professional installation to keep your family or patrons safe.


Popular Window Styles that Increase Efficiency

While any new windows can help to increase efficiency, there are some styles that are better than others. HGTV shares some common window styles that fit in all homes and businesses, regardless of décor or aesthetics:

Casement windows. These windows open outward and use a crank. This helps to better seal the windows when they are shut.

Double-hung windows. Double hung-windows open from the top and bottom, allowing more air flow when open.

Picture windows. Picture windows do not open but can help to keep air from sneaking out or in. Having double-paned windows or gas-filled windows can add extra protection, too.

If you’re not interested in these window types, that’s okay. The team at Southern VA Construction can install any type of window at your home or business.


New Windows Can Bring In Money, Too

Replacement windows can save you money on energy bills, and they can increase the value of your home or commercial building. The Bob Vila article mentioned above recommends that home and business owners make those window replacements on their own time. Prospective buyers won’t want to add on replacement window costs to the final price, too. Taking on the project before selling your house can get you the added value you need and bring in new buyers. Consider the potential by exploring new energy-saving window options with the contractors at Southern VA Construction.


Consider Replacement Doors When Getting New Windows

Now that you’ve decided to replace your windows with more efficient ones, how are your doors? Installing energy-saving windows can only do so much if your doors allow air to sneak in and out, too. Southern VA Construction offers replacement door installation for the area. Ask our contractors about exterior door replacement to keep those energy bills low year-round.


Find a Professional for Window Installation

One of the most important steps in replacing windows is finding a professional contractor to complete the project. There are many steps that go into removing and installing windows, along with handling heavy glass. Don’t try to make this a weekend DIY project – choose a reliable contractor to complete the job. Southern VA Construction provides the Roanoke, VA, area with quality service.


Choose Southern VA Construction for Energy-Saving Window Installation

Is it time to make the change to more efficient windows? Choose the contractors at Southern VA Construction to get the job done right. We install both replacement windows and doors, along with other home improvement services. Reach out to us in Glade Hill, VA, and the surrounding areas for more information on energy-saving window installation and more.


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