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When Is the Best Time to Renovate Your Home?

Are You Ready to Renovate Your Home in Southern Virginia?

As seasons change, you may wonder: when is the best time to renovate? Winter is too cold for building decks or some outdoor work, and summer can be hot. Not to mention that many contractors quickly fill up with projects as temperatures rise. So, how can you decide when the best time to schedule home improvements will be?

There are many things to consider, and you guessed it – it’s all about timing. As HomeAdvisor reminds us, timing is everything. There are certain times of the year when specific projects will work best. This month we’re going to consider various home renovation projects and when to conduct them. Be sure to schedule these projects in advance, however, so you know that the contractor can complete them in your time frame.


Consider Which Room You Want to Renovate First

One of the most important parts of a renovation is figuring out what to do first. If you’re just adding a deck or an addition, this may not be a big deal. You can be separate from the work and it will not really affect your daily activities in the home. If you are getting a complete kitchen or living room overhaul, this can determine which room should be done first.

Angie’s List recommends completing bathroom and kitchen renovations in the summer. Contractors can avoid being outside in the sweltering heat, and you can have a beautiful indoor space in time for the holidays. If you’re looking to start renovations in the springtime, indoor areas are good to start with.


Building Additions in the Fall

The same Angie’s List article above mentions building additions during the autumn months. When the ground is harder it can be easier to dig – and there is less chance of rain. Instead of pushing back the outdoor work because of weather, keep these remodeling projects until after your indoor work is complete.

Building an addition in the late summer and early fall also helps to get the outside complete before winter. Once it gets cold, the contractors will most likely be inside, and the interior of the room will be safe from any inclement weather.


Plan Around Holidays or Big Events for Indoor Renovations

In most cases, homeowners do not want contractors working around them at Thanksgiving dinner. When scheduling your project, be sure to inquire about the time frame of the job. If you’re starting a big kitchen renovation in September, there’s a chance it won’t be ready by the holiday season. Keep this in mind if you’re planning on any other big events that will be at your home.

Because the fall is a slower season for contract work, the time frame may not be as long and prices may be lower. However, this doesn’t always mean that the work will get done on time and materials may have shipping delays. If you worry spending the holidays with a work crew, consider starting the project in the spring.


Summer Can be a “Busy Season” For Most Contractors – Plan Accordingly

If you are looking to start a renovation in the summertime, be aware that many contractors will already have many clients booked. If you need the project done by a certain time, you may need to plan far in advance as the nice weather comes out. The contractor of your choosing may not be able to start for weeks or months after you originally planned.

Summer renovations can be helpful, though. If you plan vacations or spend time away from home, it may be best to have contractors complete the project then. This way your family will have less disturbance from loud construction inside the home. As we mentioned, make these plans months ahead to make sure the project can happen when you need it.


Prices Can Fluctuate Through the Seasons

You may wonder why your neighbor paid less for their roof or kitchen remodel last winter. One of those reasons can be that they chose a less busy season to have their work done. As we mentioned above, winter months can be much slower for contractors. Due to supply and demand, prices drop. This also means that some materials may be harder to come by, which can push the length of the job. Once projects pick back up, the price may increase.

Please note that is not always the case. Some businesses may be busy year-round, and others may keep similar rates no matter the season.


Trust Southern VA Construction for Quality Home Improvements

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We hope that you consider the best time to renovate to suit your own needs and budget. Our staff will be happy to discuss your options and work to provide the best service around.


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