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Renovation Safety Tips – Southern VA Construction


It’s Important to Follow Home Improvement Safety Guidelines Renovation safety tips go a long way to protecting yourself and others who may work with you. These kinds of projects often call for risky procedures. Accidents can happen, and you have to practice personal safety, especially when working at heights. By implementing proven protection techniques, you […]

Kitchen Remodel Rejuvenation – Southern VA Construction


Rejuvenate Your Kitchen Without a Complete Overhaul Kitchen remodel rejuvenation can boost your Glade Hill, VA, home’s value. From installing new cabinet doors to renovating old wood, there are many ways to rejuvenate your home with cookhouse redesigning. Renovating your cookhouse can become expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Southern VA Construction is here […]

Renovating for Profit: Get the Most Out of Your Home Renovation

Are You Considering Selling Your House? Consider Renovations First If you are thinking about selling your home, first consider renovating for profit. We know that many homeowners may avoid home renovations for various reasons, like budget or lack of time. However, keeping up with trends and home improvements can increase resale value. Whether you are […]

Create Basement Getaways and Home Theaters in Glade Hill, VA

Transform Your Basement Into a Getaway or At-Home Movie Theater Have you ever wanted to create basement getaways and home theaters in Glade Hill, VA? If we told you there are ways to make this happen within your budget, would you go for it? Basement getaways can quickly become a reality with the right contractor. […]

Replacement Doors Increase Home Value and Efficiency

How Long Have You Had Your Exterior Doors? Depending on how old your current doors are, it may be time for replacement doors. Do you know the last time you replaced your doors? If you recently moved in, did the realtor or past homeowners let you know how old the exterior doors are? If not, […]