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Summer-Ready Decks to Upgrade Your Outdoor Entertainment Space

Add A Deck to Enhance Your Property in Southwest Virginia

Now is the time for homeowners to add summer-ready decks to properties in Southwest Virginia. Homeowners who have decks may already know the joy and entertainment they bring. You may be thinking, “it’s just a group of wood attached to my home.” We want to take the time this month to explore what a deck can do for your property.

If you enjoy entertaining, a deck is the perfect addition for your home. You don’t need a pool or a lush landscape to build a deck, either. Imagine placing a grill, outdoor sofa, and some chairs out. Now imagine your closest friends and family members laughing and spending quality time lounging in the sun. Why not do so on a custom deck?

This month Southern VA Construction is going to give some ideas on summer-ready decks for your property in Virginia. We know that with the right contractor, you will absolutely love the idea of adding a new deck!


Custom Decks Can Upgrade Your Entertainment Space

One thing to remember about decks is that they are not one-size-fits-all. Many homeowners choose to build custom decks to better suit their needs and style. You may choose a rounded deck, while your neighbor has a rectangular deck. No matter what you prefer, Southern VA Construction can build it.

Another benefit of custom decks is that you have total control on how the deck looks. If you want stairs on multiple sides, or maybe different walkways and sizes, you can do so. The right contractor will work with you during the planning and building process to make sure everything is perfect.

Custom decks can also help you to show off your creative side and style with colors and patterns. Depending on the material you choose, you can pick a number of colors, textures, and styles to suit your property. Whether you go with solid wood, or bright yellow or pink decks, the choice is yours with custom decks.


Choose the Right Type of Decking for Your Dream Deck

There are many types of decking materials out there that can work for your home. Southern VA Construction mainly builds wood decks, vinyl decks, and composite decks. Each have their own benefits, including:

Wood Decks: Wood decking materials are an affordable option for any sized projects. The DIY Network found that 75 percent of decks in the U.S. are made of pressure-treated wood. Pressure-treated wood can last for years with regular maintenance. They also come in many stains and natural finishes to match any property.

Vinyl Decks: Vinyl decks are a great, low-maintenance option. Easy to clean and durable, vinyl is a great way to quickly create a summer-ready deck. Some vinyl decks can last up to 20 years with proper cleaning.

Composite Decks: Composite decking is another common option for homeowners. Composite decks are a mix recycled materials and wood, making them a great “green” option. They are long-lasting and low-maintenance.


To learn more about what type of deck will work for your property and budget, talk to Southern VA Construction. Our contractors will be happy to go over your options.


Deck Styles to Transform Your Space

There are many different deck styles that can enhance and transform your entertainment space. The Spruce mentions a few styles that can do wonders for your property, including:

Pool decks. A pool deck can make lounging by the pool an all-day excursion. Add chairs and outdoor furniture for additional convenience.

Multi-level decks. Multi-level decks are an extravagant way to enhance your entertainment space. Add a seating area, cooking area, and other options for the ultimate deck experience.

Side-yard decks. Side-yard decks are perfect for grills, fire pits, and other items that may otherwise not have a home. Make your home the spot for cookouts with a side-yard deck.

Entryway decks. Entryway decks can add some curb appeal to your front or back yard. Make a custom deck with bright colors or patterns to draw some attention to your property.

Wraparound decks. A wraparound deck will, as the name suggests, wrap around your home. If you are regularly entertaining a large crowd, or just want extra space to relax outdoors, this deck option could be for you.


Don’t Forget Deck Railings and Stairs

When it comes to a deck, you may not think much about the stairs and railings. In most areas, deck railings are essential to the deck. You may face fines without them.

Southern VA Construction can install and repair deck railings, stairs, and other parts of your deck. Keep your space safe with durable stairs and railings.


Regular Maintenance for a Summer-Ready Deck

Different decking materials may call for different maintenance. Be sure to ask during construction what the best way to maintain your deck may be. For example, vinyl decking may do best with soap and water. If there are any spills on the deck, be sure to clean them up to avoid stains or smells.


Choose Southern VA Construction to Build a Summer-Ready Deck

Now that you’ve learned more about the benefits of decks, we hope you’ll make your first call to Southern VA Construction. Our contractors can create a custom deck to best suit your needs and style. Located in Glade Hill, VA, we proudly serve home and business owners throughout the region. Give us a call today to learn more about our home improvement and commercial remodeling services.


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